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ATA Niceville Taekwondo was founded in 1988. Master Palmer, our chief instructor, became the owner in 1992 and has been running strong ever since. We currently have over 100 active color belt students and 50 active black belt students. This is Master Palmer's primary school in which he teaches but he does visit and teach at all four school locations.

ATA Crestview Taekwondo was founded in 1990. Master Palmer became the owner in 1998 and the certified head instructor is Mr. Paul Brian Carroll with the help of Mr. Nathan Carroll. This is one of our largest schools with a very large and energetic teen class and totaling over 100 active students.

TINY TIGERS: (ages 3 1/2 to 6)
This class is a definite "must watch". Three to six year olds standing still, listening and following directions while having fun? Yes, it is possible! With this age group it is our goal to teach them the basics in ATA Taekwondo (listening to and respecting parents, teachers, and adults), while they are learning to "watch the teacher, be still and follow directions". Come by and see how much fun they are having in this structured environment.

JUNIORS: (ages 7 to 11)
These boys and girls can go! The one value that is stressed with these "Karate Kids" is effort. They are taught if they put effort into whatever they do, they can achieve their goals. Without goals, kids will often float from one sport or activity to another often feeling like they have failed. From the first day in our program they are taught to seek a goal and to achieve it. Some are short term while others are long term and like anything worthwhile (like a Black Belt or a College Degree) it takes effort and perserverance. We also strongly enforce self control, coutesy and respect towards adults, parents, and teachers. If these awesome values are what you want your child to learn, come by and check us out.

TEENS/ADULTS: (ages 12 and Up)
Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance? Would you like your teen to learn discipline and perserverance all while building their self confidence and self esteem? Our teen and adult programs do all this and more! This fun and exciting class helps our students to release the stress of school or work and just have fun with a group of individuals all interested in each others individual progress. There is no competition, no pressure and most importantly no negativity. This program will challenge you as an individual to improve on your own scale. Join us to celebrate your future achievements (possibly a Black Belt?)!!